what we do

We were bored.  We were hungry.  We went looking for something brilliant.

1,000s of Refugees & New Americans call New York State home. Many come from places where fast, easy food doesn't rule. Food takes time. Food takes tradition & love.

We want that food.

2x a year (February & October) we have a popup food court. We rent a big kitchen & hire 5 amateur chefs to each cook a beloved dish from home.

Then we invite the public on a walking tasting . . . of the world.

(Right now we're just in Syracuse, but soon we'll dip down to Ithaca & Manhattan.)

Like eating? Like traveling? Like entering a room & having your nose perk up at saffron, cardamom, cumin, berbere, rose water, sumac, lime leaf & mint all at once?

Then you'll like us.